The Cinderella's:
-A Wayne Wendel design-
-And named by his daughter, Grace...
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DC200-8 PE 295-310
B3N PE 297-428
ND20FA PE 275-030
L1011 3.7mH SH15ga Steel Laminate (OK sub Erse 3.9 mH
C1021 68 ufd electrolytic PE 027-356
R1041 8 ohm PE 004-8
C1041 68 ufd electrolytic PE 027-356
Outer Mids
C2021 47 ufd electrolytic PE 027-352
L2041 2.25 mH 19ga air core (OK sub Jantzen 2.2 mH 255-268)
C2061 12 ufd poly PE 027-430
R2081 10 ohm PE 004-10
Inner Mids
C3021 47 ufd electrolytic PE 027-352
L3031 .8 mH 19ga air core (OK sub Jantzen 255-242)
C3041 12 ufd poly PE 027-430
R3061 10 ohm PE 004-10
C4011 3.9 ufd poly PE 027-922
L4021 .15 mH 20ga. Jantzen 255-022
C4031 8.2 ufd poly PE 027-426
R4041 3 ohm PE 004-3
R4051 5 ohm (OK sub PE 004-5.1)
Listening Impressions

These have a lot of bass for their size. The voicing is about perfect, and they
image very well. They lend themselves well to extended listening sessions, as
they are very smooth and relaxed.  The B3N's handle the midrange duties

Copyright 2006 Wayne Wendel
Free for non-commercial use
Profile Drawings
Cut List
Response and
Impedance Plots
Woofer Porting  (added 2/08)

I would suggest the woofer enclosure be tuned to 30 Hz. A 1.5" port would be 6.5" long, and a 2" port (better) would be 12".
I always port out the back or bottom to minimize the extraneous port noise, so the bottom configuration would be optimal
with the 2" port. Alternately, you could add an elbow to
port out the back. If you use the smaller port, put it on the back up towards the top of the woofer enclosure.

Parts List

The lion's share of the parts can be procured from either Madisound or Parts Express. Eagle resistors, Madisound
inductors, and Bennic caps were used in the original design. I've noted acceptable PE subs should you choose to purchase
from a single vendor.