Jim Holtz's:
Listening Impressions:

Wade (Sefferdog):
You have certainly achieved your goals. The Mini's
sound amazing. These would make excellent mains for someone who didn't
have the space or the WAF for the Statements. I had them hooked up as
mains for a couple of days and they are fantastic in that duty. The dual
RS180's don't give up a whole lot to the RS225's. I enjoy those drivers. The
only time I would use a sub with them would be for movies. For music they
more than fill the bill for me (blues, jazz, rock, country).

I know a lot of people don't like multi-channel audio but I really enjoy it and
the Mini's as surrounds just fit. Obviously they are designed to sound like
the Statements and Curt and Wayne knocked one out of the park there!
They have the same expansive sound stage due to the open back mids,
they image like a mother, and from the lightest tap on a triangle to the
thump from the lower registers of the bass these really shine. The mids
from the W4 are stunning. Male vocals, female vocals, it ALL sounds "right".
The sound of the brushes on the snare will send chills through you!

I find it difficult to verbalize how I feel about these, and unless you have
heard them I don't think you can understand. The Mini's and the
Statements are that good individually, and as a set they are absolutely
without a match as far as I am concerned. They have a "magic" in them that
just has to be heard.


Click here for Cabinet Drawings courtesy of Brian Walter
-Thanks again Brian !!!

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(2ea) parts express.268-320
(2ea) parts express 268-322
(1ea) parts express 268-328
Cut (2) 4 1/2" sections of 3" port tube and 2 inner and 2 outer flares.

Copyright 2007 Jim Holtz, Wayne Wendel and Curt Campbell
Free for non-commercial use
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