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How they sound:

When we had finished voicing them, Wayne commented that he felt these
may be the best sounding Statement yet. He echoed my thoughts, and it was nice to
hear a similar reaction from Wayne. Of course I no longer have the other
Statements to compare to, so while I strive to make each new design a new
pinnacle in sonic attributes, I suspect to some degree, it is merely the fact that the
monitor design, with its compact baffle, simply integrates sooner.

Like the Statement, the Monitors have surprisingly deep bass. The 4 ohm version of
the RS180 can reach about 10 Hz lower than its 8 ohm sibling, and will not
disappoint those looking for a near full range speaker in a relatively small package.

Jim: I went to see Curt and had an excellent listening session with the Monitors
utilizing both crossover versions and then a short comparison to his awesome Uber
Exclamations! speakers. We were switching back and forth between the Monitors
and the Ubers at the press of a button on the remote so it was really easy to A/B
them. We listened to very well recorded blues, jazz and pop. The Monitors held
their own remarkably well considering the two Accuton drivers alone cost more
than the complete Monitors including crossovers.

I can sum up the Monitors with one word:. WOW! They are small in size but very
big in sound quality and sound stage. The mids and highs have everything the
Statements and the Mini's offer plus bass that is amazingly deep and powerful for
such a compact speaker. They just plain sound like big floor standers instead of
Monitor speakers.

Copyright 2008 Jim Holtz, Wayne Wendel, Curt Campbell
Free for non-commercial use.
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