Parts List

Part Number                        Description                                                        Qty
295-302     DAYTON DC130BS-4 CLASSIC SHIELDED WOOFER        2  
016-2.2      DAYTON 2.2 OHM 10 WATT RESISTOR                               2
027-426     DAYTON DMPC 8.2 uF 250V POLYPROPYLENE                2
027-436     DAYTON DMPC 20 uF 250V POLYPROPYLENE                 2
260-388     PORT TUBE 1 3/8" ADJUSTABLE  x 4"                                2
255-028     JANTZEN .30mH 20 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR                  2
255-200     JANTZEN .05mH 18 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR                  2
255-256     JANTZEN 1.3mH 18 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR                  2

Listening impressions

This one sounded great right out of the box. Not too surprising, I suppose,
considering my previous experience with the TriTrix MTM. Not trusting my aging
ears, I enlisted Wayne Wendel for his impressions. He proclaimed the voicing
was just about perfect, with tight bass, sounding more like a larger sealed
design than a small vented one. While missing the final octave of bass, they are
quite adequate for most music genre. I specify an adjustable length port, but we
felt it sounds best without the slide on extension. While they model with roughly
3 dB less max SPL than the TriTrix MTM, a pair of these can certainly provide
adequate output for even larger rooms.
System Impedance Plot
System Phase
Woofer Network
Tweeter Network
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System Frequency Response
Crossover Layout
Modeled low end extension
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Enclosure drawing