An All
8-ohm MTM
Crossover Design

Like the Triune, this crossover design is an exercise in simplicity. It almost
turned out to be a four element design, which actually modeled and
measured better. -But with listening did not sound as good as this 5 element

You will notice the on axis response is somewhat a departure from my
normal designs in that it exhibits a rather broad dip between roughly 2K and
6K. This is due to the response of the GenIV shieldie, and compounded by
the narrow 6.5" baffle width. While this appears somewhat suboptimal, it
sounds remarkably flat, and the general consensus is that it sounds better
than the Triune.  The 2nd order electrical filter of the woofer emulates a 3rd
order BW acoustical transfer function at 1200 Hz. The tweeter resembles, at
least for a portion of the transition band, a 4th order LR at 1450 Hz. The
impedance is quite high with a minimum of about 7 ohms, and an average
around 8 ohms. Phase tracking is fairly good through the crossover region.


When I designed the Triune's, I was surprised how good $60 worth of
drivers and crossover parts could sound. With the TriTrix, I'm still surprised
at how good they sound. I'd recommend them either for HT use or for music
reproduction on a budget, and at least the TL version (and likely the vented
as well) has sufficient bass to consider them full range for most music
applications.  At a modeled max SPL of 104 dB, they can play quite loudly
without obvious distortion setting in.  They are just a bit forward when
listened to on axis, due to the diffraction bump at around 2K. This helps
bring out the dialog for HT work, but for music, I prefer to listen to them
slightly off axis, where the issue disappears.

Parts List

Part number                        Description                                                       

255-270     JANTZEN 2.50mH 18 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR               2
255-234     JANTZEN .60mH 18 GA AIR CORE INDUCTOR                 2
027-428     DAYTON DMPC-10 10uF-250V POLYPROPYLENE          2
027-436      DAYTON DMPC-10 20uF-250V POLYPROPYLENE         2
004-2.4      DAYTON DNR-2.4 OHM 10W NON-IND RESISTOR           2

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