An All
8-ohm MTM
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Enclosure Assembly:

There are 3 enclosure options for the TriTrix
depending on your application and personal
preference. The sealed version, with its relatively
shallow depth, of 6.25" may work well as
surround speakers as well as small mains and
center. All the enclosure options should be
simple to construct. Only the TL required
additional bracing.

The sealed enclosure was modeled assuming
100% fill. The vented design was modeled using
50% fill, or lining the walls. The TL has 100% fill
in the front section.

I'm looking for a few good beta testers to build
the sealed and vented designs, and report back
your impressions, and especially any errors you
found with my calculations, write up, or cabinet

Copyright 2006 Curt Campbell
Free for non-commercial use.
The Sealed Drawing
The Vented Drawing
The Trnasmission Line Drawing
Crossover Layout
"Tall Boy" 48" TL options:
In all cases the sloped panel is the 'rear' panel. Use your imagination on the side panels