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Jim Holtz's: Statement Monitor

By Jim Holtz, Wayne Wendel, Curt Campbell

Design Goals / Driver Selection
Curt: For the final chapter of the Statements saga, (Yes, really the final chapter this time!) we present a small monitor version of the statements.
Jim chose a TMW topology and utilized a single Tang Band W4-1337SA, the Fountek NeoCd3.0 ribbon, and a single Dayton RS180-4. The woofer is vented, and (of course) the mid in open backed. As before, Jim was the mastermind behind the concept and enclosure design, and I pitched in for crossover duites, and Wayne did the final voicing. . The f3/f10 models as 34Hz/26Hz respectively. Expect max SPL's around 104dB.

Listening to the Monitors provided a surprise in just how much bass they are capable of.

The sound quality mimics the rest of the Statements series including deep bass, but with less impact. The mids and highs have all of the same sound qualities of the Statements but in a much smaller package.

See the full design below.

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